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Find happy illustrated paper goods like stickers, art prints and workbooks designed to provide dashes of color and extra sparks of positivity. Color Me Happii is a one-woman operation. Everything you find here is hand-drawn, lovingly hand-crafted and carefully packaged me!


Color Me Happii

Hi, I'm Kaitlyn, owner of Color Me Happii!

Why Color Me Happii?

As someone who struggles with
anxiety, I came to realize that playing with color positively impacted my mental health. With Color Me Happii, I hope to share just a little of the joy and hope I feel when I draw. And if, along the way, I could also manage to encourage others to be creative and have the courage to live life true to who they are or want to become, that just makes my journey with Color Me Happii all the more rewarding.

These days, you can usually find me hunched over on the sofa either creating colorful new illustrations/products or happily wrapping up your orders with my fluffball of a cat curled up somewhere close by.

You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok (@colormehappii) to see more of my art and join a wonderfully supportive and positive community who love art, quotes, and color!